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16 benefits of Cantaloupe(Cucumis melo) Fruit for a healthy Body

16 benefits of Cantaloupe Fruit for a healthy Body
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Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo)fruit may be still sound familiar ditelinga part of our society. Because the fruit is not as popular as the fruit watermelon, melon, mangosteen, or the strawberry. However, some people might know or familiar with this fruit as the pumpkin. It is worth to know this fruit, since it can cure, treats, or even heals some of diseases.

There are so many benefits of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit for health, this is due to the content of the nutrients contained in it. The fruit is usually made into a refreshing drink, and often serve as the appetizer menus. But you can also make it as refreshing drinks on a typical day.
The fruit is much like melons or pumpkins.

 The Content Of Nutrients In Fruit Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo)

100 grams of average cantaloupe contains:

• Vitamin A – 3382IU (sufficient to 68% of the daily requirement of vitamin A)
• Vitamin C – 36.7 mg (insufficient 61% of the daily requirement of vitamin C)
• Mineral Potassium – 267 mg (8% daily needs sufficient potassium)
• Folate – as many as 21 mcg (5% of the daily requirement of sufficient will folate)
• Magnesium – 12.69 mg
• Manganese – 0.03 mg
• Copper – 0.05 mg
• Zinc – 0.10 mg
• Cobalt – 0.003 mg
• Chrome – 0.005 mg

Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) Fruit for health benefits

The following are some of the health benefits of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) for fruit you should know:

1. Lose weight

The first benefit is to lose weight, it becomes good news for those of you who are running the program on a diet, because the fruit of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) low in sugar and calories. In addition to maintaining weight, this fruit is also very useful to preserve the health of the body and avoid from various diseases.

2. Lower blood pressure

Later, the extraordinary benefits other is due to potassium content, vitamin C and potassium in cantaloupe helps in lowering blood pressure, besides are also useful for controlling blood pressure. Even the fruit does not have content of cholesterol at all. Therefore, the cantaloupe is very safe for people with cholesterol problems and high blood pressure.

3. Lower Cholesterol

For those of you who have high cholesterol levels in the blood, then just consume the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo)fruit can be one solution. The high vitamin C in fruit of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) lowers the cholesterol in the blood so that the cardiovascular health is well preserve. Vitamin C is also beneficial to prevent blood clotting and can strengthen the capillary walls.

4. Prevent heart disease

If you are afraid of heart disease, then you should start consuming the fruit on this one. The reason, vitamin C is high, believed to be capable of preventing heart disease. Can even preserve the health of the lungs and the blood vessels. The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) suggest us to consume beta caroten, about 5-6mg each day to maintain heart health. The content can be perceived by consuming this fruit cantaloupe, regularly so keep heart healthy.

5. To prevent the risk of cancer

The good news, this fruit is also effective to prevent the risk of cancer. If less consuming foods that contain nutrients such as beta caroten, vitamin C and folic acid, then it can be place at risk of uterine cancer. But if you consume the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit, then the 3 essential nutrients can prevent the cancer to be reveals.

6. Overcoming Insomnia

For those of you who are having trouble sleeping, then this fruit can be an alternative solution. The Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit has sedative properties of this nature which is very useful for insomniacs. The nature of this sedative as well as sleeping pills. So for people with insomnia, it would be nice to consume a cantaloupe to ward off insomnia. In addition, the benefits of chocolate also gives effect of calmness that will make it easier to sleep.

7. Treating the Ulcer

Ulcer disease can be treated with this fruit, Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) can also increase the appetite. For patients with ulcers, it is advisable to make it as the juice so easy to digest.

8. Maintain eye health

Eyes healthy is very important, because the eye is the organ that has a very vital roleto human life. The Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit contains vitamin a high enough, by consuming Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo), then your eyes will remain healthy. In addition, the benefits of vitamin A is also useful to prevent the effects of free radicals due to air pollution.
Benefits of Cantaloupe
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9. Maintaining healthy skin

Maintaining healthy skin is very important, especially for those of you who have activity in the Sun, exposed to pollution or air-conditioned. vitamin C and A on the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo)fruit is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Moreover, vitamin C also helps collagen synthesis. As it known, free radicals do not ever stop attacking our skin. Thus vitamin A, C, and the benefits of vitamin E on this, much necessary as a counter. Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit contains all vitamins anti radical.

10. Nourish the fetus

The benefits of the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit cantaloupe folic acid, which is very important for the fetus in order to gain a healthy growth. High folate content in Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo)fruit, helps to maintain and produce new cells. Hence, it is very important for a pregnant woman to consume the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit for the sake of maternal health and fetal growth.

11. Ease the digestion

Consume the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) for digestion is very good. It helps digestive and urinary tract health is able to keep including preventing infections of the urinary tract. This is because the fruit cantaloupe has vitamin A and dietary fiber in the fruit.

12. Low in sugar and calories

Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit is very good for someone who is in the middle of diet program, because the fruit of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo)has low efficacy of sugar and calories.

13. Lowers high blood pressure

The fruit of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) has a good potassium content to lower blood pressure. For those of you that suffering from high blood pressure, the fruit of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) is well enough for daily consumption.

14. Resolve kidney stones

From the research that's been proven that the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit can reduce the risk of kidney stones and bone is becoming porous.

15. Overcoming Insomnia

Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit is also beneficial for sufferers of insomnia (difficulty sleeping). If you want a nice and quality sleep, try to eat Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) first!

16. To prevent gout

Cantaloupe also has a low Glycemic Index (GI), fructose and glucose available in the Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit is a simple sugar that is naturally so that safe consumption for diabetics, obesity. Besides, it can also prevent gout.
16 benefits of Cantaloupe Fruit for a healthy Body
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That's 16 health benefits of Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo) fruit for a healthy body that you need to know, we wish you and your family stay healthy all the time. Don't forget to share it to others so that they too feel the benefits of this fruit.

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11 Benefits of Omega 3 for skin, hair and health

Benefits of Omega 3
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Nowadays, many people still thinking that the best way not to get obesity is by not eating any fatty foods.
However, it's not completely true. Some kinds of fat is needed by the body due to its importance.
This fat often called as unsaturated fat

Well, the title is about omega 3, what is it really?
Omega 3 is one of unsaturated fat which is very useful to the body.
There are three kinds of unsaturated fats, which are; Linoleum acid, Eicosapentaenoic acid, and Docosahexanoic acid.
Those un-saturated oil is cannot be produced by our body. 
Hence, it only can be achieved through the food we eat.
Linolenat acid, comes from herbal oil such as beans, and other seeds
While Eicosapentanoic and Docosahexanoic are available from common oil and sea fish.

Here are the benefits of Omega 3 for skin, hair and health;

1. Heart health and decreasing the blood pressure

2. Fight against diabetes

It helps lessen the triglycerides and increase the HDL level in the blood cells

3.  Preventing cancer

Especially in curing and preventing breast cancer, colons cancer, and prostate cancer.

4.  Prevent muscle pain and inflammation

It also increases the skeletal health by providing enough calcium level in the bones. Hence, it will help to overcome rheumatoid, decreases the swelling, and ease the pain

5.  Increasing the brain works

It will protecting the brain cells and promoting the neurotransmitter to work seamlessly. Hence, it will help us to avoid Al-Alzheimer's disease, early dementia, Schizophrenic, and many other nerves disturbances.

11 Benefits of Omega 3 for skin, hair and health
COurtesy of completeconcussions.com

6.  Taking care of baby's health and their growth

In fact, consuming enough omega 3 during the pregnancy times, turns out will increase the brain development on the baby.

7. Increase the immunity

It is a magnificent substance to go against Hyperactive Disorder in kids. As well as it also ease the pain during menstrual cycle.

8. Prevents the hormonal in-balanced

9.  Increasing the eyesight

This fatty acid will help us preventing the degeneration of macula. Which is eventually if it's not treated will cause the blindness.

10. Maintaining the skin health

It will help on fighting against pimples, psoriasis, allergies, as well as uv protection. This substance will also maintain the skin health, rejuvenate the ski cells, lessen the melanin, which is eventually makes the skin looks softer, radiant, and smooth.

11.  Take cares of the hair for its shine and strength

The benefits of omega 3 has the capability of combating on dry, fragile hair, also itchy and scaly head scalp, dandruff, hair fall, and increase the blood circulation in the head scalp. All at once.
Not to mention, it will also give nutrients to the hair follicles that makes the hair become stronger and healthy.

11 Benefits of Omega 3 for skin, hair and health
Courtesy of dailysalad.com.mx

Keep the healthy lifestyle is always the best suggestion, if you're goal is for the best health condition of your life.

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14 HEALTH BENEFITS OF KISSING and 7 diseases caused by

Kissing is one of many other love gestures, commonly showed when people are in love or in affection.
It is now has become the universal language in the world to express the feeling.
However, it turns out will help us to maintain our health and sanity.
Since kissing has the physiology effects that will strengthen the mental, emotional, and also physical.

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Health benefits of kissing

Even though in certain countries, it is  forbidden to be done publicly,
here are some list of the kissing health benefits you should know;

1. Reducing the stress level

This beautiful and passionate activity turns out capable of increasing the epinephrine inside the body.
This hormone will increase the blood flow and makes us more relax.

2. Stabilizing the blood pressure

Since it release the epinephrine which is calm the body, as the result, it'll calm the body system.

3. Stabilizing the blood circulation

As mentioned above, it also has the benefits to stabilize the blood circulation

4. Increase the body immune system
While kissing, our body release a substance called IgA, which is helping to increase the immune system.

5. Maintaining the relationship

A chemical reaction as in serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocine will trigger the feeling of happiness.
Hence it will help to increase to strengthen the relationship. 

6. Expanding the veins

Hence, it will increase the body health .

7. Contract and relax the face muscles

Facts are stating that almost all of the face muscles are working during this passionate activity.
Hence it will maintain the flexibility of the face skin.
As the result, it is a good anti aging. 

Cpurtesy of  www.national-awareness-days.com

9. Calorie burner

Don't you know, that kissing can be one way or another to lose some of your weight?
Yes, it is a fact. It will burn at least 8-16% of your body calories.
Since, the fact that during this fun, your body metabolism is increasing up to twice than its normal state.

10. Strengthen the bonding

Thanks to oxytocin which is takes its rules during this fun activity.

11. Increasing the pleasure during sexual activity

Having sex has some amount benefits to the heart health.
In spite of kissing takes serious role during sexual activity, it is also capable of giving the pleasant experience.

12. Happier life

Again, endorphin takes its curse. Instead of consuming drugs, or consulting to a therapist, you can create your own private therapy session by kissing each other intimately.

13. Ease the pain

During the kissing, the body will produce the adrenaline hormone which is known to be able to ease the pain.
Courtesy of parents www.elitereaders.com

Side effects of kissing

On top of that, there are also the side effects of the kissing.
Especially when you are doing it with random partner whom you don't know their health history.
You might end up sharing some of disease below;

1. Influenza
2. Toothache
3. Wart inside the mouth
4. Herpes infection
5. Gland fever
6. Hepatitis B
7. Neisseria meningitis

So, no matter how good is the health benefits of kissing to us.
Should we do it responsibly in order to avoid all of unwanted the diseases that are may come along with the activity.

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Advanced health and nutrition

Advanced health and nutrition Sportsmen nutrients need

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It has been years since communities, schools, and people start to be aware of providing nutrition education. However, the progress is somewhat succeeded.
A research shows that the nutrition intake, affecting in the body ability to be function at maximum efforts. The more advanced health and nutrition intake of nutrients to the body, the better body to works properly and reaches its tip top shape.

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Here are 10 nutrients rules that athletes
are supposed to meets the best performance;

1. Back to nature

It means we should consume food with proper processing, other than fast food widely found. Foods such as fiber-rich carbohydrates, vegetables, grains, fruits are natural best gift to us as life sustaining support.

2. Diversity food

Often eaten with foods that vary in color. It means basically, every color of the fruits represents their each content of vitamins and minerals.

3. Mind the Proteins intake

Put protein as part of your daily meal. Other protein sources is a useful source of protein for building muscle mass.

4. Don't forget healthy fats

Include heart-healthy fats in your diet, such as olive, nuts, natural nut, seeds, avocados, fish.

Image by newkidscenter.com

5. Breakfast regularly

Breakfast each day, after 30 minutes you get up in the morning pick up on breakfast as metabolism trigger early in the day, this will give you more energy for your activities during the day.

6. Small but often

Eat small portions more often, spread evenly throughout the day, at least you need to eat 4-6 times / daily on small
portion. Aim for three macro nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) every three hours for optimal refueling.

7. Enough drinking

Drink water 3 liter every day,  it will reduce the dehydration attack which will damage your kidney and tissues of your body.

8. Maintain your workouts

Do not dispose of your workout, after the workout, you should combine carbohydrates and protein foods for recovery.

9. Add health supplements.

Whenever you already meet the daily needs of nutrients, there is no loss to add a multivitamin supplement into your daily routine intake. Make smart supplementation program that improves performance without sacrificing your health or drain your wallet. Before you take a supplement jams. However, the intake of vitamin nutrition supplement should be sure to check with your doctor or a registered dietitian

Image by bebrainfit.com

10. Sleeping for eight hours of sleep

If you can not earn 8 hours of sleep hours out of 24 hours, consider take a power nap whenever you can during the daily activities. Body is recovering and the best improvement while sleeping.

Those are the Basic sports nutrition, which are supposed to be full-filled in order to get the maximum health and performance benefits of foods so the sportsmen can be perform flawlessly. Of course this advancements in sports nutrition, can also be benefits to regular people's health and healthy lifestyle.

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10 Benefit Breakfast for the Body

10 Benefit Breakfast for the Body
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Basically breakfast has many important benefits for the body. The importance of breakfast , along with benefits of breakfast tea, and yummy jams and breads, well, for those of you who are still often skip breakfast it's good to read 10 benefits of breakfast for the health of the body follows.

1. Providing Energy More

    The body needs enough energy to run activities in the morning and that energy can be obtained from the full breakfast. This makes the body stay fit and not get tired. The benefits of breakfast for children, especially for the active children to maintain their health and keeping their  need of energy intact.

2. Refreshing the Brain

    Benefits of breakfast is also good for your brain. The brain also get nutrients from breakfast so that your brain can think better and faster. Moreover, benefits of school breakfast, to the kids who are about to go to school, where they need almost all of their energy to use their brain. Healthy breakfast is a must. Don't you parents think so?

3. Maintain concentration

    Breakfast is also known to improve your thinking skills and keeps you focused on doing the work or activity.

Benefit Breakfast for the Body
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4. Prevent Ulcer Disease

    The morning breakfast filled food makes the stomach so that it can neutralize stomach acid. Empty stomach for too long can lead to pains in the stomach and cause heartburn.

5. Nourish Body

    Breakfast in the morning to make the body avoid cholesterol. This is because breakfast is able to push the metabolism so the enzyme that increases cholesterol production is reduced.

6. Avoid Uncontrolled Eating

    The morning breakfast you avoid excessive hunger. Otherwise breakfast, what happens is hunger resulted in a lunch portion becomes more and eat a lot of snacks. From the snack-snack this can cause obesity.

7. Adding Nutrition and Energy Boosting Body

    The breakfast provides a proportion of total nutrient intake significantly throughout the day and offers the opportunity to consume foods that are full of nutrients such as iron, fiber and vitamins.

Benefit Breakfast for the Body
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8. Body Weight Loss

    Eat healthy foods on waking can give an increase in metabolism, if you're on a diet, it is desired increase metabolism to burn fat

9. Better body Coordination 

    Benefit breakfast for the body that is coordinating body for the better. You who have problems with body balance can fix by eating breakfast regularly.

10. Reducing Risk of Stress

    On an empty stomach in the morning with solid activity and job pressures are high and coupled with good weather conditions will make you easily stressed. Thus, the benefits of breakfast it is reducing the risk of stress.

Those above are quick list the benefits of breakfast for the body. Especially benefits of breakfast for students, by having healthy breakfast in the morning, the body needs of energy due to a whole day activities will be full filled.  Hence reducing the damage taken by the body because of the lack body nutrients. For reasons above, benefits of having breakfast in the morning is highly recommended to be achieved.

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22 Foods for pregnant women to avoid

Courtesy of sourcejournals.com
Every pregnant woman would want the best for the baby at birth. Hence, when a woman is pregnant every things are  needed to be noticed, especially about food. Food consumed by pregnant mothers, can affect the development of the fetus. Parents certainly do not want something happen to her baby inside.

22 food for pregnant women to avoid;

1.    Do not consume raw or under cooked food. The food there is the content that allows bacteria and viruses are very dangerous for pregnant women.
2.    Some of the statements say that the benefits of drinking beer is good for health. But for pregnant women is not recommended to drink, because alcohol is toxic to the fetus.
3.    Avoid consuming types of seafood (seafood), which have a high mercury content, because it can damage the fetal brain tissue. For example, salmon, shrimp, crab, king mackerel. Choose seafood that contain omega 3 which is very good for fetal brain growth.
4.    Do not drink a lot of caffeine, because it will result in babies born with small weight and affect the heart rate and respiratory system of the fetus.
5.    Avoid consuming processed foods.
Courtesy of ami.nmimg.org
    6.    Do not drink milk and cheese are not yet in the process, such as goat's milk and soft cheeses. Because, there is the possibility still exists that the bacteria lodged in it.
7.    Banned drink beverages containing artificial sweeteners, because it usually has a high sugar content. Lots of drinking water is more healthful.
8.    Vegetables and fruit for pregnant women are strongly recommended for consumption. But, first wash fruits and vegetables that will be consumed. It aims to eliminate the bacteria and germs that stick and eventually affect the pregnancy process.
9.    Part heart is very nice to meet the needs of pregnant women. Eat a heart with the right treatment and do not consume excessively.
10.    Avoid foods that make you allergic.
11.    Consuming foods with excess calories, can result in the fetus is born with being overweight.
12.    Avoid smoked fish menu, as smoked fish is contaminated with bacteria. Thus, lead to infection and blood poisoning in the fetus.

13.    Do not eat cooked eggs in half-baked. Because, it could potentially presence of salmonella bacteria that causes typhoid disease.
14.    Avoid eating ice cream is not made according to standards of quality, because it can carry the risk of listeria.
15.    Avoid foods salad ready to eat or already packed. The dangers of fast food, such as salad packaging is usually because the added material in the form of chemical compounds. So it will be at risk of toxoplasmosis and listeria.
16.    Banned types of herbal tea drinking chamomile flowers.
Courtesy of cdn.skim.gs
17.    Avoid red shells, because the shells are bacteria and viruses.
18.    Banned excessive eating pineapple. Because, pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which upset the stomach and softens the connective tissue in the uterine wall. This was the true cause of miscarriage.
19.    The dangers of smoking is certainly not good for health, so it prohibited smoking during pregnancy. This will result in babies born with damage to the vascular system in it.
20.    Avoid foods that contain preservatives, such as instant noodles. Because these foods contain food additives which is dangerous
21.    Avoid unhealthy snacks are lightweight and high in fat, such as chips, crackers, chips, chocolate, and other fried. Eat healthy snacks that are safe for pregnant women and the fetus carried
22.    Avoid foods that are low in carbohydrates, a fetus requires adequate nutrition. So, try to consume high carbohydrate foods, but the portions are not excessive as well.
23.       NO SMOKING at all!!

Courtesy of dailytimesgazette.com
Food is very important for pregnant women, because the food is eaten in pregnant women is a nutrition and nutrients for the body of the mother and fetal growth in the womb. Hopefully the information that has been given a guide for pregnant women and increase knowledge on healthy pregnancy, up to the time of delivery to arrive.

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Such information can be applied as a healthy lifestyle should be done during pregnancy. The role of the environment, especially the family will provide motivation for the mothers to lead a healthy pregnancy.

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17 Benefits of Banana Flower for Health, Medical and Menu cuisine

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We all know that vegetables are foods that should be eaten mandatory if you want to live a healthy life. Light alone, the article benefits of vegetables, including foods that are in the list of  healthy foods. Among the variety of vegetables that are known, there is one vegetable that's cheap in the market, but still has a lot of benefits that do not lose much with the other vegetables. The benefits of banana flower, has become mandatory fruit for consumption. That banana fruit itself is often served by most housewives in a healthy diet.

Nutrients contained in Banana flower

The benefits of banana flower according research, each 25 grams of banana contains:

    31 kcal calories
    1.2 grams protein compound
    0.3 grams of fat
    7.1 grams of carbohydrates

Banana also contains the benefits of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C and essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and Fe (iron). The nutritional content of the full, anyone would be tempted to cultivate banana into food and the food was delicious. 

The health benefits of banana flower;

1. Preventing stroke

The trick is to use a banana flower, make it into juice and then drink the juice twice daily.

2. Prevent Cholesterol

Ability to bind to lipids and cholesterol which will be issued

3. Healthy Stomach

Digestion for heart bananas contain high fiber.

4. Food diabetics

Good for diabetics because the banana flower has a low glycemic index so that the insulin needed to convert glucose into energy. Boiled banana flower on this course, it is very effective for lowering blood sugar content.

5. Rich in fiber

Banana flower contains high food fiber, along with other useful substances as vitamin B1, beta-carotene, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and some other useful substances. 

Courtesy of korean-eyes.com

6. Good for diet

Because of banana give full effect longer than white rice because it has the benefits of a high fiber and low

7. Smooth blood cycle

As banana heart is anti-coagulant to prevent blood clots.

8. Preventing cancer

Reduce the effects of free radicals of damaging the body organs and cells and weaken its performance, since the system oxidation will result in cells become aging. Methanol extracts in the banana flower has the ability the same as antioxidant which are excellent for preventing free radicals.

9. Anti-aging

Able to repair some of the cells, because the content flavonoidny serve also as anti-radical

10. Preventing mumps

Banana flower contains substance called iodine, which has the ability preventing mumps

11. Cure of infection

Because banana flower contains ethanol and can hinder the development of bacteria

12. Increasing the production of red blood cells

Ingredients in the flower of banana that contain iron, so it will increase the hemoglobin in the blood.

13. Controlling the menstrual blood

Boiled banana flower has the ability of controlling the progesterone hormone that would control the blood discharge from menstruation.

14. Improving mood

thanks to the containing of magnesium in banana flower, which is believed to relieve concerns and improve mood.

15. Improve the productivity of breast milk

is not only benefits of Katuk (Sauropus androgynus) leaves are able to increase the productivity of a mother's milk, but the banana can be an alternative food to facilitate breastfeeding for breastfeeding mothers.

Courtesy of www.allabouthealthyfood.com

Banana Heart Benefits for Treatment

16. Treating Malaria

Malaria is a diseases which is classified as dangerous illness comes from mosquitoes, so that immediate treatment is necessary to treat it.
Here is one way to make treatment for Malaria disease using of banana flower;

    Take 1 piece of the of the banana flower and a piece of tamarind
    Then, peel the outer skin of the fruit banana heart
    Stockpiling in the coals for 30 minutes
    Grated or mashed until blended
    Squeeze the water and filter
    Enter juice in a glass, add the tamarind
    Drink the potion in the morning before breakfast.
    Do as much as 1 times daily to treat malaria.

17. Treating Diarrhea

Diarrhea is digestive disorder that the most often to occurs, but we do not always have to consume drugs to cope from it. 
Benefits of banana flower can be used to treat it, as follows;

    First, banana heart burn the coals until it cooking
    then take that does not burn
    give spices ointment wearing young coconut
    Then, eat banana taste ointment
    Do this until the diarrhea is healed

Using the banana flower as delicacy cuisine

The plethora of benefits generated by banana, of course, we all will be more eager to draw on this banana heart. Cooking banana itself fairly simple with a variety of choices. Usually banana flower is processed into soup, curry banana flower, banana flower steamed, stir-fried banana flower, ointment, and many more.

Moreover, banana is also delicious when used as fresh vegetables and eaten with chilli paste. Well, certainly the taste is very delicious and makes us want to continue to add. 
Here's the recipe of banana can be a special menu option that is able to increase the appetite.

Courtesy of healthexpertgroup.com

 How to make Banana flower delicacy food:


1 liter of water, 2 bay leaves, 2 tablespoons powdered beef broth, 500 g banana, 1 cm crushed Galangal and 500 ml of cooking oil.
    Spices: 2 teaspoons coriander, salt to taste, brown sugar to taste comb, 6 cloves of garlic and 4 red onions.


  Boil water and beef broth powder, then insert the banana flower, boil it until soft, remove and drain.
  Cut the banana  flower and pound it until smooth.
  Sauté ground spices, bay leaves and ginger until fragrant.
  Put the banana flower, stir, and cook until the spices to infuse and dry, then remove.
  Heat the oil, then fried banana in the oil so it looks yellow-brown, remove and drain.
  Shredded and then pressed or squeezed until the oil leak, and ready to serve.

It is said that the ancient people rarely exposed to dangerous diseases because they used to eat banana. Of course this is in contradiction when juxtaposed with contemporary society who prefer to eat instant food which is not good for health at all. Therefore, choose a banana as a vegetable that must be present in our diet. Choose banana flower as careful as possible to get good and tasty banana flower to be consumed as delicacy food.